Simple Questions

Using yes/no questions, the website picks appropriate next questions to discover safety violations. The list of safety violations is huge, so starting with filter questions to knock out irrelevant codes is important.

Dynamic Hidden Search

Based on yes/no responses, the system saves the "path" through the housing code and relevant violations. Shown here is a simplified version of a few questions.

Live Gamified Results

  1. As you take the survey, a lemon counter increases based on answers. Code violations with low health hazards add a few lemons, violations with more severe health violations get a higher lemon count.

  2. The function of the Lemon Score or equivalent auto-updating score in the side as you take the survey is to keep users engaged and offer a way to "compete" to see who has a worse place with a consistent scoring system.

  3. Could possibly connect a lemon score to $ $ for action, like many severe violations with a high lemon score would mean it's possible for a small claims case of thousands of dollars, smaller amounts show how much withheld rent could be available

Auto Generated Report

At minimum, the site will report back to the user at the end of the yes/no questions what violations are present. The goal will be to facilitate a conversation between the tenant (user) and landlord (lemon), with a focus on kind collaboration, but making it clear for the user how to escalate. Below are more options on how this site can produce data for the user in order of least to most complicated.

  1. Present list of violations with email template to user

  2. Email the user a PDF they can share with the landlord with what to say in email

  3. During the yes/no questions, include at some point to take photos of violations, include that in report

  4. At the finish of the questions, user can put in specific dates

  5. Point user to next legal steps. It is important that the tool does not offer legal advice, and will make it clear on who to present this information to with resources on how to use legal advice.


  • Include more tools to educate tenants, including guides for inspecting a rental before moving in, templates for rent negotiation

  • Offer ads to companies that can help tenants (Plumbers, electricians, legal services)

  • BIGGER features: like ratemyprofessor, get a rating system for landlords, and incentivize adding information