Frequent Questions

Frequently asked questions

  1. What happens if I find something on the checklist that the landlord isn't doing?

Kindly tell your landlord what you found and ask them if they can fix it. Copy the template below, and make sure everything you say is in writing (Email, or texting is fine. If they phone call you back, talk on the phone but email/text them back a recap). Remember, your best way to get things fixed is to be kind since unfortunately this is probably the first time the landlord learned about the requirements too!
Hi [Landlord], I found a few things in the apartment that might need to get fixed. Can you let me know when you can look into these? I am happy to help give more information since I copied them from a checklist
Thank you, [YOUR NAME]

  1. Can the landlord evict me for bringing up safety problems?

No. You cannot be evicted for notifying your landlord in writing of violations of the state Sanitary Code (checklist you took).

  1. My landlord said they can fix it themselves, but it is taking a long time to do it right and I don't want to bother them since they're nice/old/trying hard. Should I let it go?

No. Because you signed a lease (make sure you did), the landlord is now responsible for your basic safety in the checklist. If an old and friendly pilot has a bad landing because they skipped a few safety things before landing a plane to save money, nobody says it's ok because the pilot tried hard/was old/was nice.

  1. I am a landlord and no one has complained about these things before, is this really necessary?

If it's a problem in the checklist, yes, you have to fix it. Even though no one pointed it out before, it's always been a problem and needs attention now. The faster you fix it, the happier your tenants will be and your rental will be safer. There are also sometimes zero interest loans or tax rebates in cities to help landlords upgrade or repair things, make sure to check!

  1. Why did you make this?

I rented for 10+ years in Massachusetts with mostly good rentals, but a few bad ones that showed me no one really cares about tenant safety until a tenant is injured. Since most tenants don't know what their landlords are supposed to do, housing code is very hard to navigate, and that landlords have lots of power against a tenant, I realized it was time to make an easy tool for tenants to see if their apartment is safe.

  1. How can we support this website?

Just tell people "" whenever you see a friend/family/internet stranger complain about something in their apartment. Tell people "" when you hear they're moving into a new apartment. Tell anyone "" because it's fun to say out loud.




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